API 7k rotary mud hose

API Spec 7K specifies the requirements for drilling and well servicing equipment, including rotary drilling hoses used to convey drilling fluids between the mud pump and the swivel. These hoses are commonly referred to as rotary mud hoses. The API 7K rotary mud hose is designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements, including: Hose length […]

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api7k oil drilling hose

Why choose API7K oil pipeOil drilling and production operations require the use of a series of equipment and tools, among which oil drilling hoses are one of the important components. API 7K Oil Drilling Hose is a hose that complies with API 7K standards and has the characteristics of high strength, pressure resistance, temperature resistance, […]

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High pressure Hydraulic hose

Hydraulic hoses are used to complete connections and convey hydraulic fluid under pressure between components within a hydraulic system. They come in a variety of materials and sizes to suit a wide range of applications. They typically consist of an inner tube that is compatible with the type of fluid it will carry and offers […]

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Teflon High Pressure Tube

PTFE is a chemically inert, polymer material that resists corrosion, alkalis and solvents. It is extremely durable and has nonstick properties. It is used to transport gases, fuels, or fluids at high pressure. It is especially useful for transfer of non-penetrating fluids, and can withstand pressures up to 100 bar (1500 psi). High pressure Teflon […]

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High Pressure Resin Hose

Using a High pressure resin hose is very important for any application that requires high levels of pressure. This hose is durable, reusable, and reliable for transferring fluids. It is made of polymer resins that are resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It is used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and construction. It […]

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High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

High Pressure Hydraulic Hose There are many factors to consider when looking for a high-pressure hydraulic hose. First, you need to choose the type of media that will be conveyed through the hose. You can do this by consulting a chemical compatibility table, which compares different fluids to hose materials. Next, you’ll need to determine […]

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